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Guidelines for ICTMD Prizes

The ICTMD Executive Board Committee for Prizes, in consultation with the Executive Board, will appoint Subcommittees for each of the prizes (article, book, and film or video). If additional prizes are added in the future, additional Subcommittees will be established for them as well.

The Article and Film/Video Subcommittees will each have three members, and the book Subcommittee will have five. The size of these committees may be adjusted in the future, but they should always have an odd number of members.

A least one member of the Prize Committee must be on each Subcommittee.

Subcommittee members, including chairs, will normally serve a term of two years, with the exception of the previous year's prize winners, who will normally serve a term of one year.

Each of the prize winners will receive a certificate and a two-year ICTMD membership or an equivalent travel subsidy to attend an ICTMD event. In the case of two co-authors or co-directors, the relevant Prize Subcommittee may decide to divide the membership or travel subsidy between the two. If there are three or more authors or directors, the membership or travel subsidy may be awarded to one of them or to another person (such as a graduate student or emerging scholar) as agreed to by the co-authors and the relevant Prize Subcommittee.

The winners of the previous year's Prizes will be invited to join the respective Subcommittees in the following year. If there are multiple authors or directors, only one may join the next year's Subcommittee. That person must be an ICTMD member, and the choice will be made by the Subcommittee in consultation with the authors/directors.

Articles must be sent electronically to the email address designated by the Secretariat. Books may be submitted in PDF form, or hard copies may be mailed to all subcommittee members. Films and videos must be submitted electronically or through a streaming video link. The Subcommittees may establish their own systems for sharing information, such as through Google Docs/Sheets or Dropbox.

Prize winners will be announced during a World Conference or in July of a non-Conference year. Announcements will also be placed on the ICTMD website and listserv and in the October issue of the ICTMD Bulletin.