International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Programme of the 2nd Symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Musics of the Slavic World

22-24. 09. 2018, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Faculty of Music Art, Skopje, Macedonia

Saturday 22.09.2018

9.00 – 10.00 Registration

10.00-11:00 Opening ceremony.  Todor Svetiev, V.D. Dean of the Faculty of Music Art; Svanibor Pettan, Vice-president of the ICTM; Elena Shishkina, Chair of the ICTM Study Group on Musics of the Slavic World and Chair of the Programme Committee; Velika Stojkova Serafimovska, Chair of the National Committee of ICTM for Macedonia; Sonja Zdravkova Djeparoska, Chair of the Local Arrangements Committee

11:00-11.30 Coffee break

11.30-13.00 Session I. Chair: Filip Petkovski 

Panel: Julijana Papazova, Sonja Zdravkova Djeparoska, Filip Petkovski. Protesting and Performing the Nation: Case Studies from the “Colorful Revolution” in Macedonia

13.00-14.30 Lunch

14.30-16.30 Session II Chair: Sonja Zdravkova Djeparoska

Elena Shishkina Modern Theoretical Objectivation of Folklore Genres

Larysa Lukashenko The Ludkevych-Lukaniuk Cultural-Genre System as a Key to the Systematization of Folk Melodies

Anastasiia Mazurenko Regional Pitch Features of Scales in Ukrainian Ethnic Vocal Genres (Ritual and Lyric)

Velika Stojkova- Serafimovska Singing Terminology of the Balkans - Between the Scholars and the Folklore

16.30-17.00 Coffee break

17.00 -18.30 Business meeting. Elena Shishkina, Chair of the ICTM Study Group on Musics of the Slavic World and Ulrich Morgenstern, Secretary of the ICTM Study Group on Musics of the Slavic World

18.45- 20.00 Concert: Department of Traditional Music and Dance, DMBUC Ilija Nikolovski-Luj

20.00 Dinner in National Restaurant “Stara Kukja” organized by Faculty of Music


Sunday 23.09.2018

9.00 – 11.00 Session I Chair: Elena Shishkina

Joško Ćaleta Transition of Music Labor in Post Socialist Croatia: the Case of Klapa Singing

Ivanka Vlaeva Flash Mob Practice in Bulgarian Musicscapes: Ideas, Goals, Messages

Drago Kunej and Rebeka Kunej Dancing for Ethnic Roots: Folk Dance Ensembles and Minority Ethnic Groups in Slovenia

Gergana Panova-Tekath New Texts or New Contexts? Bulgarian Festivals Abroad

11.00-11.30 Coffee break

11.30-13.00 Session II Chair: Ulrich Morgenstern

Jana Ambrozova „You Cannot Bamboozle Anyone! It has to Taste Good!“: A Contemporary Music related Terminology Used Among the Village Band Players in Slovakia

Žanna Pärtlas The Russian Lyrical Songs in the Repertoire of Erzya and Moksha Mordvins: The Multipart Singing and Related Emic Terminology

Olga Pashina Folk Terminology Related to Different Types of Musical Intonation in Russian Folk-lore

13.00-14.00 Visit of Archaeological museum

14.00-15.00 Lunch organized by Faculty of Music

15.00-17.00 Session III Chair: Velika Stojkova Serafimovska

Svanibor Pettan, Katinka Dimkaroska and Lasanthi Manaranjanie Kalinga Dona (film) The Oldest Flute in Ancient Times and Today (a TV Slovenia film by Darja Korez Korenčan and Haidy Kancler aka Divja baba)

Dragan Dautovski (film) The Sound of Eternity: Prehistoric Sound Artifacts from Macedonia

17.00-17.30 Coffee break

17.30-19.00 Session IV Chair: Svanibor Pettan

Roundtable: Svanibor Pettan, Ana Hofman, Drago Kunej, Katinka Dimkaroska and Leon Stefanija Slavic Legacies Within National Spaces: The Case of Slovenia


Monday 24.09.2018

9.00 – 11.00 Session I Chair: Joško Ćaleta

Ulrich Morgenstern North-West Russian Fight Dance Lomat’sia in Local and National Discourses

Bożena Muszkalska Music and Dance as Strategies for Building and Sustaining Community in New “Homeland”: a Case Study of Australian Polonia

Ventsislav Dimov Balkan Ethno-Pop - a Musical Style or a Political Instrument?

Lozanka Peycheva Avtorski Pesni na Folklorna Osnova: a Hybrid Genre in Bulgarian Music

11.00-11.30 Coffee break

11.30-14.00 Session II Chair: Bożena Muszkalska

Aleksandar Dimitirjevski The Role of the So-called Culture and Art Societies in the Contemporary Presentation of the Macedonian Music Folklore

Anna Mária Bólya The Role of Tactile Characteristics of the Round- and Chain Dance Treasure Contemporary Aspects

Łukacz Smoluch Looking for Relationships and Institution in a Process or Preservation of Musical Traditions: The Case of Siberian Olenders from Irkutsk Region

Galina Tavlai The Skill of Improvisation in the Traditional Belarus Oral Art

Shaun Williams “Putin Hello!”: Music and Weaponized Humor in the Russo- Ukrainian Hybrid War

14:00-15.00 Closing ceremony